Brydge C Wireless Chrome Keyboard

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Brydge C Wireless Bluetooth Chrome Keyboard

We hebben sinds kort ook deze mooie speciaal voor google chrome gemaakte draadloze keyboards in de verkoop. Dit toetsenboard heeft een mooi strak gevormde aluminium body en bechikt ook over alle speciale chrome toetsen incl een google assistant toets.  Het toetsenbord kan zowel draadloos als met een usb-c aansluiting worden aangesloten. 

Door het gebruik van bluetooth 4.1 moeten de batterijen minimaal 6 maanden meegaan.


  • CHROME KEYBOARD - The First ever dedicated desktop wireless keyboard for Chrome OS anywhere. Whether you have a Chromebook, Chrome Box or Chrome OS based Tablet, the C-Type the streamlined design of the Aluminium body & keyframe optimize give you the best of Chrome OS.
  • AWARD WINNING BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD - As an industry-leading wireless bluetooth keyboard for the Chrome OS the C-Type will provide an unmatched typing experience. The C-Type is carefully designed to perfectly match the iPad, in size, color and material. A full iPad keyboard with Chrome dedicated OS special function keys & shortcuts, like the Google Assistant Key, giving you the ultimate functionality & the productivity.
  • PRECISION DESIGN - Forged out of a single piece of high-grade aluminum, the Brydge C-Type is designed to give you a true premium standalone wireless keyboard for Chrome OS. The versatile bluetooth keyboard design brings functionality and productivity to your fingertips with the tactile keys.
  • DUAL CONNECTIVITY - With the USB-C & Bluetooth 4.1 capability the Brydge C-Type can be hardwired to your desktop or using the bluetooth 4.1 you can have the flexibility of a wireless typing experience. Bluetooth 4.1 enables high connectivity and longer battery life to allow your keyboard to last 6 months.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY & SUPPORT: Brydge prides itself on the quality of its products and you can rest assured that our products will stand the test of time and normal use. Be confident. All Brydge products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty & free customer support based in Park City, Utah.


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